The newest procedure to hit aesthetic medicine, the Sugar

Thread Lift, or PDO thread lift, is a minimally invasive facelift

with no downtime that produces amazing results. Our board

certified professional implant or “thread” PDO (polydiaxanone)

dissolvable threads into the superficial layers of skin. The

patient’s own body then produces new bundles of collagen

around the threads to lift the desired areas anywhere on

the body but usually around the jawline and neck. About

30 minutes later, patients leave with a little swelling and

slight bruising, but return to normal activities almost

immediately the threads dissolve gradually over a 6 to 8

month period, but formation of new collagen occurs for the

next 9 to 18 months. We often recommend a follow-up

treatment a few weeks later which will extend the rejuvenation.

While the Sugar Thread Lift produces immediate, natural

results. If you have other questions about Sugar Thread Lifts

here in the New Jersey Area, please contact our office at

(201) 931-9398.